Quicksilver Accounting & Consulting is the culmination of years of hard work and the continual evolution of helping small business owners strive for and find success.

The company was originally established in 2007, by Terry Santore, as Quicksilver Business Solutions. From the very beginning, we focused on a client-centric approach: listening to clients, building relationships, and helping clients improve & understand their accounting records.  Since many business owners only speak to their tax accountants once or twice a year, this was a very different concept.  The response was tremendous and over the next four years, the company expanded product offerings, adding team members, and invested in new accounting technology.  In 2011, Gina Santore joined Quicksilver as partner and created a new division, headquarterd in Raleigh.  With new resources, we took the opportunity to once again embrace client growth and expand our service offerings.  

Time and technology change most everything, and the accounting world is no different.  By implementing a range of cloud based accounting software and apps, our team is able to spend more of our time analyzing and discussing the financials with our clients than ever before.  And so, in 2015, Quicksilver Business Solutions became Quicksilver Accounting & Consulting. 

In some respects, our company hasn’t changed.  We are still client-centric.  We still have many of the same clients from our early years.  We still take the time to get to know our clients.  Yet, in some ways, we are very different.  The tools we use are more advanced.  We have access to more data than ever before.  We have more resources.  Today, and always, we continue to seek and implement the most comprehensive and helpful solutions than ever before.